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Crops do not grow evenly in the fields growth of some crops and diseased crops falls short the main reason for this is the essential nutrients Irregular supply of elements and lack of water which hinders the transport of nutrients. If you want to solve this problem, and want to increase your income So nutrimax it is very important to use

  • Provides of complete regularity to all crops all plants grow alike
  • Grow Moksha is enriched with nutrients of the highest quality. Due to which the plants get the right amount from time to time, their growth is rapid
  • Along with the development of white stem, there was a need for micro-life near stem. There is a uge increase in numbers. Due to which the plants are suffering from fungal diseases get refuge. There is a lot of communication of nourishment by stem.
  • The pollen grains necessary for their reproduction are produced in abundance
P. Code KRS 507
Packing 500 ML
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