Dual Line Grease Lubrication System

KDGL-50 Dual Line Grease Lubrication System

Brand KRS
Model Name/Number KDGL-50
Usage/Application Industrial
Country of Origin Made in India
Voltage 415 V AC
Reservoir Capacity 50 kg
Frequency 50 Hz
Max Discharge Capacity 250 gm/min
Max Pressure 250 Kg/cm2
Grease Grade NLGI - l / lI

KDGL-50 Dual Line Grease Lubrication System is used where large distance in lubrication points. This is high pressure pump and used in steel plants, cement plants, Turbine generator, furnaces, sugar plants, spong iron plants etc.

Construction: KDGL-50 Dual Line Grease Lubrication System comprising of a single pumping station having pumping elements and fitted on the outer periphery of the housing. Reservoir also mounted on housing and fitted on base plate with motor, gear box, change over valve, pressure gauge etc.

Working: KDGL-50 Dual Line Grease Lubrication System can be installed with a decided scheme by using main pumping station, end pressure relay, relief valve, change over valve, dose feeder, in line filter, tubing & fitting and electronic control panel. When pump starts, then grease will deliver to main line and it will finally reach to connected lubrication points through dose feeder (Blocks). Once grease has delivered to all points connected with one line, the pressure will rise in the corresponding line as pump is still suppying grease. As soon as pressure crosses set pressure value pressure reversing valve, through control panel actuates. Grease starts flowing into second line. Delivery of grease to lubricating points take place and pressure rised again. When it crosses set pressure of end relay, the system will stop. Cycle is over and it confirm lubrication to all points. Now after preset ‘OFF’ time system starts again and repeats the same process.