About KRS Multilub

KRS Multilub Private Limited was incorporated under KRS GROUP banner In 2016 (Earlier Serving with the Name of M/s Automat Lub Systems Since 1997) It is not a single day effort that we have captured a large bite of the overall segment with customer’s smile. We are now India’s one of the leading manufacturers, Designers, Suppliers, and Service Providers for the Lubrication System. The company incorporated under the guidance of Mr. Jai Prakash Tyagi (CMD of KRS GROUP MANAGEMENT) and other experienced officials.

KRS Multilub has continuously increased business through National Channel Partners. OEMs and dedicated Project Leaders.

We are Serving

KRS Multilub has gained experience through hard work and continuous Research and Development. We are adding a minimum of 3 Products, 10 Customers every month.

Today KRS Multilub has served almost all segments like Machine Building, Automatic Mining, and Mining Equipment, Steel & Iron, Aluminium, Petroleum, Oil & Gas, Mills, Coals, etc.

KRS Multilub has installed different customized products for dozens of customers to cope with their Technical needs. We are having a dedicated team of experienced personal Service Engineers, Marketing Personals who are always ready to face any challenge. Our Channel Partners, Associates, and Dealers are established almost in all potential cities of India to maintain punctuality in Sale and Services activities.

How we work


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“Everyone sees dreams, but not everyone keep the passion to fulfill them, A dream is not what is seen with closed eyes, a dream is one that does not let you sleep.”

Mr. J.P. Tyagi
CMD, KRS Group

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