Company overview

KRS was established in 2018, with very gracious and enthusiastic moments. Keeping in mind all the needs of the cow, we have established the KRS Goseva Dham. We have made different departments for Goseva , all these arrangements have been made for everything from drinking and eating to the health of the cow. We have constructed 50 rooms in it and also put 100 deputies to serve the cow so that the cow does not have to bear any kind of harass. For the health of the cow, we have also provision therapy in KRS Goseva Dham.

It is a gigantic privilege for us to serve the cow but also for all of us. Cow is considered as another form of God on earth.Our furthermost goal is to keep the cow sturdy ,healthy and clean.

Our mission

The KRS Gauseva Dham is now taking the responsibility of keeping all the cows of India healthy and clean and we are confident that we will be in the forefront of this service. It is our goal to keep all the cows of India healthy and exultant.

How we work

How can we help you?

If you have any query then contact us , we will be very relieved to finish your concern.

“Everyone sees dreams, but not everyone keep the passion to fulfill them, A dream is not what is seen with closed eyes, a dream is one that does not let you sleep.”

Mr. J.P. Tyagi
CMD, KRS Group

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