About CMD of KRS Group

Mr. J.P. Tyagi
Mr. J.P. Tyagi(CMD of KRS Group)

Born in a humble middle-class family, J.P. Tyagi learned that honesty and hard work lead to success. He began his career in business as a B.Tech Mechanical Engineer.  He is a great visionary optimistic creator, developed, and dedicated all-round professional. Due to his pleasing personality and knack for cultivating relationships, he tasted success instantaneously.

Over the next few years of his life he expanded his interests to provide over the residence to everyone including lower-class families, finally went on to establish an organization with the name of KRS Groups in November 2015. Now, He holds 20 years of robust experience in the field of manufacturing, Real Estate, IT, Distribution Network Management, and B2C & B2B Sales.

He traveled widely and cultivated strong relationships with not only businessmen but also people from all walks of life wherever he worked. Mr. J.P. Tyagi acquired a great name and reputation for his sharp business acumen. He is blessed with strong analytical skills and had a deep understanding of business practices and trends along with an immense capacity for hard work with ingenuity and determination to succeed.

“It is not at all easy to get people’s trust today, we have also got people’s trust after a lot of hard work and it has become possible through our hard work and dedication”

CMD Message

Many times we observe that people have big dreams and they want to achieve bigger in their lives, but due to bad circumstances they are unable to do big, As KRS Group, our Vision & Mission is to show people an amazing way of life by creating an avenue of income from home by simply harvesting their skills and flexible timings. Maybe you have been into a similar situation or maybe even worse, but we are here to hold your hands and show you the path of success. Our all Products are of high rated quality and launched after years of Research & Development. Every product that goes to your household has been quality tested and approved by Government Agencies. We have set the very strict parameters for quality testing, packaging, storage, distribution & sales. We offer the best post-sales services also so that you get complete satisfaction with your purchase.

“No matter what the circumstances are, there is always a way out.” You just have to open your mind and see the clues – You haven’t landed on this page by accident, I believe you have landed upon this page because you wanted something more for your family…Maybe you want to make an extra `10000 per month or `500000 per month. Whatever your goal, we are here to tell you it’s all possible and we are going to show you the way. Irrespective of your present social status or financial background, we are always there with you. Our education system will help you grow your business & knowledge. We will change your life! Come and join us to witness our rich industry experience and visionary management.

How can we help you?

If you have any query then contact us , we will be very relieved to finish your concern.

“Everyone sees dreams, but not everyone keep the passion to fulfill them, A dream is not what is seen with closed eyes, a dream is one that does not let you sleep.”

Mr. J.P. Tyagi
CMD, KRS Group

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